What is The African Mango Diet and Can It Help With Weight Loss?

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The African Mango Diet and Diet Supplements are Hot This Year

Every few years a new diet hits the market and takes off like a rocket, this year it’s the African Mango Diet and African Mango Extract supplements.

The popularity started at the end of last year when the African Mango diet was highlighted on a few television shows and several celebrities had talked about it.  However, because a celebrity loves a particular supplement doesn’t necessarily mean that you should also.

When you choose a diet to try, do you ever check out the research studies behind it?  You should.  It is important to educate yourself and learn whatever we can about the products and diets that you may choose.

There is some solid research behind the African Mango diet and it does show promise as an effective weight loss supplement but it is still too new to really know how effective it will be for the vast majority of users.

African Mango Diet Research

The scientific name is Irvingia Gabonensis.  There was a study at the University of Yaoude and both men and women were successful in losing weight.  Within a 28 day period, the study showed that the African Mango diet helped participants lose an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds and 2 inches from the waist.  The results of this research were published in the journal “Lipids in Health and Disease.”   This study was based on the African Mango extract.

The African Mango diet results are based on a dosage of at least 1.05 grams of pure African Mango.  So far the supplement is considered safe and is without stimulants.  Most manufacturers offer a 100% money back guarantee( but does usually exclude shipping) if you are not satisfied with your results.
Just be sure to keep your receipt and order information to make the return as painless as possible.
You should also read over the offer before ordering to make sure that you understand fully what the product ingredients are, what the return policy is and also if the offer has any type of reoccurring charges, like having your product automatically shipped to you every month.

Another added benefit of the African Mango diet is that not only will you lose weight, but you may improve your overall health at the same time.  The supplement is said to improve your over all bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol at the same time.  The African Mango extract, made from the seed of the African Mango, is full of fiber and fiber can help to eliminate the bad cholesterol naturally.

Studies have also showed that the significant amount of fiber will aid in leveling blood sugar and make be helpful to diabetics.  Be sure to check with your doctor first if you are already taking diabetes medication.

According to the research studies, the subjects did not change their eating habits or exercise routines – yet they still lost an average of 3 pounds per week!  Just think what could happen if you were able to control your appetite and make healthier eating choices?

Although the test group did not add exercise into their routine be sure to add in 30 minutes of exercise per day, 3-5 times per week to help keep your body fit and your muscles lean.  The added exercise can help to boost your metabolism, burn additional calories and exercise in general is necessary for all of  us – whether or not we are looking to lose weight.

Take a look at the research and see if this is a product sounds like one that is right for you. The money back guarantee is important and offers little risk to you as the consumer.

Also remember that before starting any diet, using any supplement or starting any exercise program you should always check it out with your doctor.

For more information about African Mango just visit –> African Mango Plus and decide for yourself.

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