Effective Weight Loss With An Apple or Two A Day

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Can weight loss be as simple as eating an apple a day?

It appears that no matter where you look, you see new diets being paraded on the news, internet and in magazines. Often these diets are unhealthy or fad diets that only leave you hungry, your wallet empty and many times weighing more a few weeks after the diet than before. If all of these fad diets worked wouldn’t we all be slim and trim like the ads show?

  • What if you didn’t have to go on extreme diet to lose weight?
  • What is you could eat all of your favorite foods but just eat less and still feel satisfied?
  • What if you didn’t need to take diet pills, purchase any special foods or drink your meals?

It’s time to try the Apple a Day Diet

You often hear the health benefits of fruit, and in this case losing weight all due to the inexpensive and tasty apple.

In addition to having vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, the simple apple is loaded with fiber. So much in fact that if you were to add one apple to your “normal” diet you will notice that you are naturally eating a bit less every day.

Now lets super charge this by eating one apple before 2 of your biggest meals of the day or use as an in between snack. You may think that something as simple as adding a few apples to your diet can’t possibly put you on your way to a thinner you –but don’t let the naturalness of this diet fool you.

It works! And it will work for everyone as long as they are not allergic to apples or don’t have a medical condition that prohibits them for consuming apples – which is 99% of us.

What I particularly like about this diet plan is that it’s inexpensive, effective, healthy and allows apple dieters to still eat their favorite foods – they will just find that they are not as hungry – will eat about 30% less and will have much less cravings for junk food..

Plus there is no need to purchase a diet book or diet products.

You can also fit this diet plan into your personal schedule and your budget.
An apple is easy transportable and you can tuck it into your lunch, chop it up and eat as a snack and they are fairly inexpensive.

There are rules to this diet, just like any other diet that you may try – however, these rules are easy to follow

  • You will be sure to eat the skin of the apple. The skin of the apple is loaded with fiber and much of the nutrients of the apple. So be sure not to peel it but remember to wash it before eating.
  • Try to eat 2-3 apples a day if you can. Although having 1 or 2 will help you cut down on your calories for the day, if you can fit 3 into your schedule you will begin to lose weight quicker. Once you reach your goal weight, continue to eat an apple whenever you feel as though you may over eat.

Ok, that’s basically your rules. Pretty simple – right? Yes, it really is and that is why so many may dismiss it and think that it won’t work – it will.

And here is a special tip to yogurt lovers.

Have you ever looked in the “fruit canning” section of your local grocery store and see product which help jams and jelly’s to thicken and set? Well these products use pectin (apple fiber) to work. There are many products available and some have added sugar and some have artificial sweeteners to their products.

If you don’t mind using artificial sweeteners than that should be your first choice before picking up a product with additional sugar as it only add additional, unneeded calories.

Lately, I have also seen 100% natural “jelling” products in both the health food store and my local grocery store. The price was about 65¢ more per box but once you divide that up by how many servings you will be getting than I would suggest spring for the “all natural” product.

Ok, so here is how you will be using the pectin.

  • Right before you plan to eat your yogurt you will mix in one teaspoon of pectin. You will not notice a difference in taste or texture unless you use the sweetened versions and then your yogurt will taste a bit sweeter. Your texture will not change at all.
  • Try to eat your yogurt within 15 minutes of adding the pectin, otherwise your yogurt will start to thicken. If you eat at work and can’t keep a box of pectin at work just add your teaspoon or 2 of pectin to a baggie or small container.
  • After one week, try using 2 teaspoons instead of 1. You won’t notice the difference while you are eating the yogurt but it will adding quite a bit of fiber to your diet and if you don’t up your water intake you can get constipated.

What I like about adding the pectin to my yogurt is that it’s tasteless, yet it increases the natural fiber intake for the day. And don’t get this confused with some diets that talk about taking fiber laxatives to keep full – pectin is not a laxative and if someone does use laxatives that can lose precious vitamins and minerals in their diet and can also start their body on the road to relying on laxatives to work correctly.

The apple a day diet is simple, yet is very effective for healthy weight loss.

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