P90X Fitness Program – It’s Not New But It Produces Results

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The P90X fitness program has been around now for a few years and that is a good indication that it’s not a flash in the pan or one of these fitness programs that promise you the world but never quite deliver.

By seeing P90X year after year (with glowing customer reviews ) you know that it works!

You may have seen the P90X fitness program in an infomercial on television. If so, you know that it’s extreme – and, if you  listened and watched the amazing results realized by its users — you also know that it really works- and works quickly.
You may also have read about stars and athletes using this incredible 90 day fitness plan for their own workout needs even though they could easily pay for the best personal trainer available.

How does it work? This matchless 90 day fitness plan works on a concept you might have never heard of – “muscle confusion.” It’s a method that discards the way you used to exercise, with repetitive motions where your body becomes accustomed to the routine. In the beginning, you’ll see results with a repetitive routine, but as your muscles begin to anticipate the workout, the results will plateau, then diminish and finally you’ll stop gaining any results at all.

That may have happened to you in the past – and you just gave up. The 90 day fitness plan causes your muscles to become confused. They can’t possibly anticipate the workout plan, so they must respond to the varied movements. There are three stages of the P90X workout plan, and each one is as effective as the one before it. Your body will have to pay attention and work like it’s never worked before – but you’ll see dynamic results.

Each stage of the 90 day fitness plan includes 3 weeks of high intensity workouts – then, you get a week of recovery. Then, you’re at it again. All the workout routines are different – all designed to confuse your muscles into conforming to the shape you want them to be. As the program progresses, you’ll come to understand how this system works and wonder why someone hadn’t thought about it before.

All of the workouts for the 90 day fitness plan stand alone, but you can boost the results by purchasing item(s) that are designed especially to enhance the program. The P90X Chin-Up Bar secures neatly in a doorway and helps you perform chin-ups and pull-ups. Resistance bands for both men and women are also available.

Another big part of the 90 day fitness workout plan is diet. Proper nutrition is crucial to produce the energy your body will need to perform the workouts. Some fitness plans don’t consider that factor and you can become weak and frustrated. The P90X plan also recommends supplements so that you’re never without the vitamins and minerals you need during the entire 90 days.

Your muscles won’t be bored with the 90 day fitness plan – and neither will you. The plan includes online message boards where you can pick up advice, ask questions and have the advantage of community support with people like yourself – committed to getting fit and trim.

The entire package of the 90 day fitness plan can bring you success beyond your wildest dreams. When you take the first step of P90X journey, you’re well on your way to getting in the best shape of your life.
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