Tips To Boost Your Slowing Metabolism

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Boost Your Slowing Metabolism

As we get older our metabolism tends to slow down – sometimes almost to a crawl. You may even notice that if you take your temperature several times a day for a week, that  you won’t see the average 98.6 but more like 97.5 or 97.7.  The 98.6 is just an average and many of us tend to have a lower temperature as we get older.

A slowing metabolism is a fact of life most of us face, but few of us want to admit. The need for calories also tends to decline.

So, how can you enjoy a relatively tasty daily meal plan as the body’s need for calories goes down? It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

There are a few things people who are aging can do to ensure they get the calories they actually need while not necessarily having to count every single one.

Boosting metabolism in later years is possible by:

•    Making smarter food choices. Consider eating an overall healthier diet. This is good not only for the body’s health, but also its waistline.  Substitute “bad” foods with smarter ones.  For example, try whole grains instead of processed.  Avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates and even try to include more fruits and vegetables in the daily mix.

•    Portion control and eating frequency. Portion control is perhaps the hardest thing we have to face as we get older – and even when we’re younger. The real portions for food tend to be a great deal smaller than what advertising and restaurants lead us to believe.  Find out what really constitutes a proportion and try to stick with it.  Also, consider breaking up meal times more frequently over the course of a day. Sitting down to a five-course dinner every night will not help your metabolism a bit.  Breaking up that giant meal over the course of a day just might.

•    Move it or lose it. Exercise is an important part of metabolism building at any age. It can be even more important as we age.  The fact of the matter is the less we do, the more likely we are to not only gain weight, but also lose proper functioning of muscles.  Get up, get out and get moving.  Even basic walks and stretches can help the body and its metabolism a whole lot.  Check with a doctor if exercise has not been a part of normal routine to date.  Health concerns should also be compensated for.

While making the metabolism function at its peak during aging years will likely require some lifestyle changes, it can make a big difference in overall health. The more fine tuned the body and its calorie-burning abilities are, the less likely it is some age-related conditions will appear.

Since the need for calories is said to go down by about 5 percent a year after the age of 40, it makes sense to alter some things as you get older.  It’s not as hard as it seems.  Besides, the better the everyday routine is, the more likely it is you’ll get away with an occasional splurge without it going straight to the waistline!

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