How to Tone Up and Lose That Ugly Belly Fat

Looking to to flatten and loose your jiggly belly fat before you have to squeeze into your sexy red dress or even worse – that little swimsuit?

Don’t worry you can and it won’t take you as long as you think.

There are many ways you can tone up loose belly fat in a short amount of time.

Here are a few “melt the belly fat away” tips

Start by swapping out water for whatever you normally have to drink is a great way to flush the fat out of your body without adding additional calories.

Sodas of any kind should be avoided since they have carbonation and carbonation has been found to give an look of a bloated belly.  Even diet sodas as not good.  In addition to bloating your belly they get your taste buds use to the sweetness and this will having you craving sweets, that you normally would not crave for.

Modern diets – no matter what country you live in – could always use some work.  The increase in fast food in our diets has had an negative effect on our bodies in so many ways.

Fast food and restaurant food in general is high in calories, fat, sodium and additives. Have you ever looked at the calorie and fat content of a simple fast food or restaurant salad?

Yikes! Many  run 600 calories or more just for the salad. Then by the time you add your entree, your meal can run you 1,200 calorie or more.

Pay close attention to all of the ingredients in your food.  You need to add as many fruits and veggies into your diet as possible.  Try to use low-sugar fruit as much as possible – fruits such as strawberries, papaya, and watermelon.

Veggies that are loaded with water are the best in order to fill you up and help melt belly fat.  Veggies such as iceberg lettuce, celery, or tomatoes are great examples.  Now iceberg lettuce does not have many nutrients so just add as a filler on top of darker salad greens.

While veggies are excellent, try to stay away from carrots and corn because they are high in sugar and starch and can sabotage your efforts. But if you have a choice of corn or a junk food snack – opt for the corn.

The most obvious way to flatten your belly is to work out!  If you’re lucky enough to have a personal trainer, let him or her know that you want to do some core exercises in order to get a flatter stomach.

Always remember, doing a million crunches won’t get your belly fat toned – you can’t tone fat.  You must first do fat burning workouts such as running or jogging, using the stair climber, the elliptical, or cycling.

Once you’ve burned off your belly fat, then you can start to tone your muscle underneath.  Muscle toning exercises are things like the plank, reverse bicycle, squats, and push-ups.  Dry swimming is also an exercise that will tone your tummy.

Dry swimming is when you lay down on your belly, put your arms out in front of you and lift your legs up as well.  Be sure to keep your hips pressed against the ground and hold your arms and legs up for 10 seconds.  Dry swimming works your arms, legs, and abs.  Swimming in water is a great workout too for arms, legs, abs, and lungs.

Melting away up loose belly fat and toning your ab muscles is easy as long as you’re dedicated and consistent.  Diet and exercise are both key elements in slimming down any part of your body.  Whatever you do though, be healthy – don’t ever starve yourself because it will do more harm than good to your beautiful body!

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